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These are general study guides for some of the things you need to memorize to use throughout the course.  Notes on particular topics with sample problems etc. are found on the course outline page and will be available as we study those topics.


Note: the following study guides are in PDF format.  Most computers have a PDF reader but if not, you can download Adobe Reader for free by clicking on the link below.

Mrs. K's Study Guides
Organic Functional Groups Solubility Rules
Polyatomic Ions and Oxyacids Molecular Shapes
Oxidation Numbers Strong Acids and Bases
Polyatomic elements Colored Ions and Flame Tests
Common Oxidizers  


Other Study Guides Has flash/study cards for major Chem. topics
Mr. Guch's Cavalcade of Chemistry Homework help, tutorials, and practice problems
Erik's Chemistry Detailed notes on AP Chemistry topics and more
Chemistry coach Lots of tutorials for AP Chemistry and more
Sparknotes Free study guides for lots of subjects as well as study guides and books for sale.