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Exam Information
Course Outline
Study Guides
Useful Links

Official AP Chemistry Sites
The College Board Official website for AP courses, SAT's and more
Textbook Website Official site for the Hill-Petrucci textbook
Practice Problems, Notes, and Study Guides
NEW !   Interactive practice problems A lot of practice problems - the chapters correspond with your text (Zumdahl)
Mr. Guch's Cavalcade of Chemistry Homework help, tutorials, and practice problems Study cards for major chem topics
Erik's Chemistry Has detailed notes on AP Chemistry topics and more
Chemistry Coach Tutorials for AP Chem and more
Chem Web Online Notes, diagrams and explanations
Interactive Practice Problems Interactive practice from California State
CSUDH WWW Project For Chemistry Interactive problems and activities
T.V Green's Chemistry Notes Notes for AP Chem topics
Adrian Dingles Chem Pages Comprehensive AP Notes and Practice problems
AP Style Practice problems Multiple Choice and Free Response practice
Ohio State's Chemistry Tutorials and Quizzes Tutorials and Practice Quizzes
Other Sites
Molecular Shapes VSEPR and Molecular shapes
Molecular Modeling 3D graphics and more for molecular shapes
Atomic Orbitals Graphics of atomic orbital shapes
Titration Curves Sample titration curves
Titrations Interactive titration demo
Visual Elements A cool periodic table
Univ of British Columbia pH tutorial
Chem Spy To search for Chemistry links
Open Directory Directory of Chemistry sites